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Start Doing This | Protect Your Peace

If there is one thing that has the power to dramatically change a person's life, it is the power of protecting one's peace.

In an over-stimulated-fast-food-culture, we have been conditioned for impatience, indulgence, and fear. Anxiety, stress, and prescription meds are the rampant norm. The noise in our lives is turned up so loud we can't hear the chaos in our hearts.

One thing I am certain of - one thing every human being innately shares - regardless of belief, race, religion or nationality:

We all want to feel and experience peace.

Our ideas, practices, and rituals to achieve peace may be different, but at the end of the day it is the frequency our soul was created to vibrate to.

When I think about my own life, I would widely describe my journey as that of walking a tight line. Or walking on a high wire perhaps. Peace is the one inch rope stretched out before me; to my left is chaos and to my right is anxiety, depression and negativity. And with all of my energy, I focus each and every step into not wobbling and falling off. What if we could reverse that? What if anxiety, depression and negativity were the width of the rope?

So many of us are in pursuit of an idea called "freedom". It is the idea that we encounter more than the experience itself. Where freedom is a state of being, not a pursuit of outcome.

Matthew 6:34 - "Therefor do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Easier said than done? You bet!

Why should this be a priority? Because there are spiritual laws that exist, just as there are physical laws that exist. Let's take gravity for instance, we know gravity is a concurrent law that is always active. We don't have to debate its existence or force. Spiritual laws are a little more tricky; not because they are any less "active", but because their cause and effect are not easily understood. There are not predictable, measurable, or (always) reproduceable outcomes. It's not something you can reproduce instantly in a lab.

In most Eastern cultures, they do not question the reality of such laws; they are widely embraced as real and logical as gravity itself. In the grand scale of history, Western America has only existed for a very short time. And while we possess a great deal of technology, and have made great advancements in science, the unbiased science(s) are only beginning to prove what spirituality has always claimed to be true. It is demystifying what was once superstition.

If words can alter the purity of water, and taint rice in jars (YouTube love hate rice test) - if thoughts (beliefs) coupled with feeling can heal the body without medical intervention (The Placebo Effect) then it stands to reason, that anxiety, depression, fear, bitterness, and unforgiveness can pollute the soul, and create physical ailments.

It has been medically observed (though not embraced) that negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can manifest in physical sickness. Many people who go to the doctor to find answers for autoimmune disease, stomach issues, ulcers, cancers, infertility, lesions, rashes and all sorts of outbreaks, are told they (the doctor) can't find anything wrong.

But if our health is not reason enough to protect our peace, what if the situations we attract in our life are (at least in part) caused by our anxiety, fear, depression etc? What if the collective energy we put out into our world, is part of the larger issue(s) taking place in our world?

If how we feel - if our peace - can be manipulated or controlled by external forces, what power do we have left?

Adolf Hitler once said: "I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few."

He also said: "It is always more difficult to fight against faith than knowledge."

If anyone understood the power and art of influence in recent history, it was surely Hitler.

In contrast, Jesus spoke of power and self-mastery in a way that is often miscommunicated. In Matthew 5:39, Jesus says "If anyone strikes you on the cheek, turn to him the other also." Typically that is translated as passivity - a "take it and like it" sort of attitude. When the teaching is much more profound than that. What I believe Jesus is teaching, is the idea that no one can elicit a response from us that we don't allow. That instead of striking back, taking vengeance, or becoming emotionally driven, we can show that no one can steal our peace. No one has power, to take power, that we don't give to them.

Jesus also said in Matthew 10:12-13 - "As you enter a house, wish it peace. If the house is worthy, let your peace rest upon it; if not, let your peace return to you."

The word peace could be interchanged for harmony.

Harmony is wholeness. Serenity is the result of mastering it. To change the world, we must become world changers. And whatever we harbor within us, is the reality we contribute to outside of us. To experience peace - we must become peace.

We spend millions upon millions of dollars on research and medicine, to prevent illnesses we have the power (many times) to prevent ourselves. Families and marriages fall apart everyday, because somewhere along the line, people lost their peace. Chaos is the absence of peace and order.

Protecting our peace at all cost, could be the subtle cure to a growing disease. In the alignment of peace, there is little a person cannot achieve.


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