• Eddie Gilman

Family With Purpose: Modeling Christ In Your Community

A family with purpose is an extremely powerful and potent force of God. The effects ripple throughout communities, transforming its inhabitants. A greater purpose of family is to make the Kingdom of God a reality here! You can have the same impact that Jesus had two thousand years ago – right now, today. A family with purpose is one of the most powerful extensions of God.

Positive Community Impact

One big-picture component of family is community. It is the positive contribution our marriages, families and relationships have on the world around us. I don’t believe that the intended design of a family is to isolate us from the world. As we dream, plan and pursue our passions and goals in life, we should have a positive impact on our community.

This principle goes hand in hand with carrying His Kingdom wherever we go. A family partnered with God can have a profound effect on the community it resides in. Whether that is serving in our church, helping our next-door neighbor during difficult times, starting a local non-profit, going on mission trips, feeding the homeless, or organizing a community event, we can have a profound presence in our community.

Raising Up The Next Generation

This may be one of the most vital and important aspects of family. The world is in desperate need of great role models, counseling and mentorship. Every God-centered family has something valuable to offer the next generation. Even those of us who are just starting a family have invaluable information to offer those coming up in the next generation.

Equally important is our intentional effort in raising our children to understand the magnitude of marriage and family dynamics – to teach them the extreme value, work, effort and sacrament that it is. If we allow culture and society to set the standard for them, we are setting them up for failure. We have the responsibility as godly parents to instruct them, model healthy relationships in our own home, and be the living template the younger generation can learn from.

Light To The World

Often, the world is perceived as hopeless and headed toward ruin. The war between hope and negativity, pulsating through media and culture, tries to eclipse the magnificence of God’s grace and love. But the bond between God and a family pursuing the depths of His heart always wins out. There is no greater honor – and perhaps, no greater purpose – than for a family to model unity and love. Families can model selfless giving, radical resilience and extraordinary integrity. Make it your family’s goal to model Christ in a confused world.

A family that is focused in their purpose to cultivate a better world elevates the community around them. The purpose-driven family is the army endorsed by Heaven. We are the hope of the world, built upon the power of His love.


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