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Message Of Love

1 John 4:16 - And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God lives in them.

I used to believe love was risky. I lived in the space between two worlds, one was my head the other was my heart. I used to believe love was the putty that filled holes in hearts. I used to believe that love was the pill for lasting fulfillment. I used to believe in love...

Social love, worldly love, romantic love, passionate love, wreck-less love, imperfect love...

Love with many faces, love with many names. I embraced it all. And yet, love was the foundation for all my fears. For I bought into the illusion of a love that existed outside of me, as opposed to inhabiting the love that resides within me. That illusion is always fear.

Fear of the absence of love.

Fear of what I was worth without love.

Fear of who I wasn't, if I couldn't receive love.

Fear of my worthiness of love, if I was not receiving love.

Fear of what I couldn't accomplish, if it wasn't leading me.

Fear of my very purpose, laced in miserable confusion, if I couldn't be validated by love.

Love was the most beautiful illusion packaged in perfection, motivated by every attempt of mine, to be good enough to deserve it's presence in my life. Love was not the means, it was the end. Love misunderstood is a gateway for misery. We were created in the image of Love, for the sake of Love, to destroy fear, and uncover truth. But the very opposite occurs when we mistake our fears, as the illusion of true love.

As He Is...

We. Are.

The Message Of Love

1 John 4:18 - There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out all fear. For Fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

The idea of love as something we yearn for, strive for, reach for, work for, or pursue as a means to fill some kind of void or desire within ourselves, is the blind acceptance of dis-ease which has no cure outside of truth. That truth is simply this:

You are love.

Our created and divine purpose was to know the love of the One that created us. And in the experience of that radical love, fall in love with Him understanding the beauty of it. We were given a breathtaking world of beauty to love, that would return our love with more breathtaking beauty to behold. We were created as two complimentary forces representing the heart of God, in the form of masculine and feminine energy, that man and woman would share love together, while experiencing the love of all previously mentioned.

When the world became distorted, Jesus had to come to define love in the clearest light yet. And in doing so, remapped the purpose of our cause. So that we could inhabit love, as our cause and being.

Love is your identity.

This is the most empowering truth any person will realize this side of Heaven. We are not looking for love, we are love!

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned into our limiting beliefs. Few truly know how The Lord feels about them, or how He sees them. Most Christ followers have a worldview mentality, with religious overtones impressed upon their minds. I was one such person.

In an culture overdosing on intellectualistic "feel goods", we rarely penetrate our own souls. Yet, it is in the still small voice of our hearts, where The Lord has hidden the truth. Not in the congested chaos of our overly stimulated minds.

The Apostle Paul learned the secret to being content. I believe that secret is found in the acceptance of one's self, but not through the validation of one's self. But through the validation of who God says we are, for God cannot lie. If He says I am, then I am. If we can accept that truth with the conviction of our hearts, we will become empowered by that truth.

The cure all for fear, is to become love. To become love, we must know that there is only One source of love. Once we understand that He is our source, and He is our certainty - and we believe what He has said of us, then we are truly set free. Without the distractions of fear in our lives, leading the use of our energy to pursue the illusion of love, we can take all the love He gives us, and give it away to those who need it. And inevitably, that love will return to us, even though we no longer need it the same way we thought we did before.

The issue is in the intellectualization of the idea: that He gives us love (we have it already). But without the experience of feeling it, or knowing it in the conviction of our hearts, it is nothing more than positive thinking.

Christianity is full of beautiful ideas, that are sadly (rarely) realized. Because we cannot give away what we don't have. And what we have been promised, is far more than we typically receive on any given Sunday. If we received through willful grace, what we do in our darkest and most painful hours, we may not need those painful experiences to teach us what we could (now) know.

Fear is the ultimate liar.

Sadly, most of us have spent more time in life searching for validation, or means outside of ourselves to feel deserving of love, that we rarely inhabit it. When we think we have finally found such validation through love, it rarely seems to last before placing demands on it by way of our expectations. For what is love, if it fails to live up to our self-focused expectations? For this is the illusion of fear masquerading as love. We want love to feel certain, so we try to control it. And when we realize we cannot control it, we sabotage it with fearful behavior. Which almost always results in the loss of it.

Fearless love, is selfless love. Selfless love is contained love. Contained in the sense that we are in control of where we get it, how much we receive, how we allow it to affect us, and how we give it to others. Fearless love is confident love. It doesn't compare, it doesn't procrastinate, and it isn't focused on itself.

Self love may be the doorway to divine love. But self love is most often misunderstood. Self love is the realization that you are created in God's image. If you love everything that is God, and you start to see that He invested Himself (and all He is) into the very fabric of your being, you would not be able to (not) love yourself. At least not while claiming to love the image of Him, or any part of Him. Any thought toward yourself that is not loving, under the recognition that you are His image, is a lie rooted in fear. You cannot disown yourself without disowning the image you were created in. You cannot judge yourself, without judging the image you were created in.

Let that sink in...

As you become love, you become free.

Our identity and purpose is love.

We are the message of love.

to be continued...


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