• Eddie Gilman

Breakup With Yourself

Do you see yourself in another season of life, but you feel completely stuck where you are? Breakup with yourself...

Do you feel like you keep experiencing the same hurdles, obstacles, and trials? Breakup with yourself...

Does it feel like everyone around you is out to get you? Breakup with yourself...

Are you perpetually stuck in a never ending cycle of loveless, superficial relationships? Breakup with yourself...

Does fear, skepticism, and cynicism drive your life? Breakup with yourself...

Do you feel inadequate, alone, and misunderstood? Breakup with yourself...

Is your view of the world around you, not what you wish the world would be? Breakup with yourself...

Sometimes the best thing we can do, is breakup! Separate ourselves from a person, an object, a memory, a mindset, an emotion, an action etc...

Breaking up with ourselves can be the most important step in empowering a life changing decision. It is like being seated in a movie theater, and seeing your life play out on screen. Yet, you have an opportunity to see the whole picture from the outside in. The details you would otherwise miss. You get to hit pause, and rewind, to play a part back again. It gives you a chance, to see the chance, that you may have been missing. A chance to maneuver yourself into empowerment. Not despair, not low quality thinking, nor fearful living.

Often times, we allow our head and our hearts so much freedom, that they run our lives. We become slaves to a number of things, that dictate the quality and progress of our lives. Left unchecked, we are much like a rudderless ship without a sail. Being blown wherever the wind takes us. And be sure, the wind is always blowing. You can challenge the direction of the wind, or you can steer your ship.

When we make exceptions for hurt, pain, fear, assumptions, skepticism, cynicism and the like, we shackle our freedom to a wall in a prison cell. You can never have the life you want, until you are willing to cut ties with the shackles, and walk out of the cell. If we could truly see just how close the things that we desire truly are; how within reach ... we would RUN out of our prison and never look back!

Fear is a powerful illusion. And there is no magic trick to diffuse it. No matter how much caution you use, you will have to just "dive in" at some point. The problem with so many of us, is that we give fear more power than it is really worthy of. Especially when the past is involved. And the reason that happens, is because there was something in the past that we did not learn, to accompany us in our present moment of discontent. In our present struggle. And if the only lesson you think you have learned, is one that recycles fear based thinking, that is the indication that you didn't learn what you needed to begin with. Living is learning. Loving is learning. Growing is learning.

Learning is the moment when you take fear head on, and do something that disproves the fearful fate you thought would be the outcome. It is the moment when your assumptions are disproved. Caution is when you have realistic proof that a choice may harm you. It is like driving a little faster than you should, on an icy highway, but you know you are still in control. You can choose to slow down, you can choose to navigate the road in a way that ensures both your safety, and the arrival at your destination. Caution says "there is a better way". Fear says "there is no way".

What areas in your life do you need to breakup with a low standard of "self"? What is holding you back that you need to cut ties with? If you are honest with yourself, you probably already know the answer. And if you know the answer, and you haven't already broken up, then my friend ... fear is driving you. If cutting ties with fear feels to uncertain, I understand. Try exchanging it for caution instead. And let caution be the questions you ask yourself, after you have your breakup. On what other ways are available in moving you forward, toward your goals, dreams, desires, and destination. There is always a way. Be OK with the process of experimentation, and flush the word failure down the drain.

Expecting to get something valuable, without taking the fearless risk in obtaining it, is like expecting someone to exchange a bag of priceless pearls, for a bag of sand. Sometimes, The Lord hides the answers to our most valued prayers, in the disguise of our greatest fears. So kiss fear one last time, and say "Goodbye" - you don't need it anymore.

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