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Its All About You

Relationship is responsibility. The more responsible you are in managing “you”, will determine the level of “more” you have in your relational success. That sounds all too simple, and not very profound. But we have all seen the “ugly” side of our inner-self come out. Whether it is anger, rage, narcissism, criticism, tantrums, stonewalling, denial, or escape. We all possess the ability to perform poorly when we face strife. Some people choose to live in such a poor state, that they become codependent, depressed, or addicted their entire lives. Whatever is in a person, will eventually come out of a person. And what you bring into a relationship or marriage, will determine its outcome.

Responsibility is the foundation all other principles are built upon. Being a responsible person means taking ownership of your words and actions. It is entirely introspective. It understands that the only real power to change comes from within. No external force, person, circumstance, trial, or situation can be blamed. While not all aspects of life are within our control, how we choose to respond to those elements of life are well within our control. Responsibility is intentional in its effort to create positive outcomes. That means accepting fault when we are wrong, and intentionally learning better ways when we fail. Responsibility never blames. It looks for answers entirely within its control. And intentionally acts to create the best possible outcome. Responsibility is the managing force of our lives. Whether you are looking to create your dream love story, or your marriage is on the verge of destruction, taking responsibility now will shift the power and energy of your relationship. And afford you the opportunity to create the outcome you desire. Those who refuse to take responsibility, choose the lowest standard for their life.

It’s all about you.

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