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Election season brings about some fairly intense emotions. I want to say that I understand. There is a part in each one of us that craves a certain level of justice, freedom, and hope. As well as a sense of security, camaraderie, and peace. And while I believe leadership - the right leadership - is vital to organizing success; especially in a great country like America. I often wonder if we are misunderstanding the true cry of the heart in us. That it's not our political system, association or candidate(s), that are the object of our frustration; but rather, it's the lack of a life we desire being made reality.

Everyone of us is an equal and vital part of life changing, world changing, hope increasing, legacy creating, revolutionists. Not one single person has more power to do increasing good in the world, than that person themselves. Reliance on anything and everything else is missing the unique, divine, and intricate influence in history that we were created for. Beauty exists in the heart of everyone, but expressed fearlessly through the artist that is willing to paint an expansive-expressive story. You are that artist!

The greatest power in existence is influence. And the most powerful force is true, untainted, selfless love. We all possess the radical capability to influence the world around us with such love. We are the unstoppable force in our community, country, world, and generation. Fear is the nemesis inhibiting the greatness of our country, our land, and our potential. We siphon fear through the straw of culture, media, and selfish agendas. Turn off the sound of chaos, look at the setting sun, listen to the ocean, look at the stars. The world and heavens never flinch at such things. They cast their beauty undeniably. For it is theirs to be the expression of such beauty. We are no different.

You are not fearful! You are fearless! You are not a product of a political environment made by political corruption. You are a world changer! An inventor, inspiration, achiever, builder, dreamer, and lover of good. The left and right, red and blue parties are not your enemies. The left and right hemispheres of the mind, fueled on negativity is our enemy. Peace, love, unity, and hope are an attitude, a state of being. No law, no concession, no government, no organization, no institute can grant peace, love, or unity. We are the actualization - the beacon and conductor for those things.

We have landed here, now, and were chosen for this very moment. We cannot go back, and decisions made will likely not be overturned. I propose to you to embrace your now. And choose to become the most powerful, and great force of world changing hope and love, the world around you has ever seen. How do you do that? By loving yourself without limits. Without relying on a limiting identity bestowed on you by the world around you. You are unstoppable! The only impassible barrier before you, is the fear holding you back from letting go. Letting go of the forces in you, that keep you stuck in reverse.

Let your dreams and passions inspire you. Let His love fill you! And let your love loose on the world around you, in your own creative and spectacular way! Positivity is only part of it. Negativity is none of it. Love, hope, and change is a state of being. If you need inspiration, a model, a template...look no further than Jesus. No matter what you believe, it is undeniable that He is the embodiment of what I hear in the cry of so many. What this country is crying out for, is a lifestyle defined by that which was successful actualized through one man.

Now is not the time to harbor bitterness, resentment, or frustration. Our future, our children's future, our legacy, and the greatness of our country - depends on our ability to let go of the reigns holding us back. In just a few weeks we will celebrate Thanksgiving, and not much longer after that - Christmas and New Years. Don't let turmoil and illusion of defeat take root in you. Clear your mind and heart, and let your dreams, passions, and desire to be the unstoppable force of good and love - that you are! Be the True North you set the sight of your heart to.

Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of these is Love.

We are the answers to the problems we see. We are the realization of our country's destiny. Be inspired, not depressed. Be alive, not defeated. Be unstoppable because the world is missing something desperately important without you. My thoughts, cheers, and prayers are with you all!

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