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Unnecessary is Necessary

Unnecessary is Necessary

Deuteronomy 31:6 - Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for The Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Many times in life, we are faced with the difficulty of unanswered questions in the form of pain, tragedy, injustice, and tribulation. We have been asking the same questions since the beginning of time.


Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do injustices seem to find those who we perceive to deserve them the least? What curse or "sin" have we committed in our life that death, disease, trial, or affliction has found us or our loved ones? Why do the innocent suffer? Why are the humble and generous seemingly cast down, robbed, or poor?

Many times in my life I have pondered such things. If not from my own tribulations, then those of someone else. I could never make the connection between God's love and promises to protect us, and what often appeared to be the very lack of such realities. Where is the consistency? And why not the consistency? As many others have reconciled, I too would justify the injustices of life to the broken and fallen world. To "sin" and "The Curse" brought about by our oldest grand parents, Adam and Eve. As often as I wanted to claim assurance with the ease of these answers, I never resolved peace or fulfillment in them. Something else seemed to be missing...

What about the legendary men and women spoken of in The Bible? Moses, Joseph, Job, Daniel, Ruth, David, Jesus, and His twelve disciples - all of which were martyred for their beliefs, except one who survived being boiled alive in oil. What is it about the suffering of many who believe, and the promises of God to watch over us? To give us an abundant life and provide us with such a deep hope? I believe that answer to be found. But in order to understand it, you must understand the difference between God's values and our own. The difference between His definition of life, and ours.

God has always had an agenda. He is the embodiment of purpose. And being created in His image, we too have great purpose - great callings on our lives. The Lord is ever so serious about our purpose, our identity, and the actualization of those realities being made manifest in our lives. The seemingly unnecessary becomes necessary, when it is the only way to move us into the very purpose of our destiny. Many of us make the claim that we desire more than anything to live to please The Lord. We claim that we want to live for Him. And that we would give our lives for Him. Jesus Himself said the cost of following Him is the denial of self, the taking up of our cross, and following in His footsteps. But life has a way of bringing the truth out of our words. We are filled with passion like Peter, and claim we would give our very lives. Yet, Jesus looks in the eyes of many "Peter's" and says "you will deny me three times". We fail in our humanity when we don't understand our identity and destiny. That is why Peter said it was his honor to hang upside down, when he was crucified. What changed in the fearful man who denied Christ three times?

If we can learn to grasp tribulation, trials, sickness, disease - you name it - as a revelation, and not a judgment. Not cruelty. Not His absence or lack of concern and love. But revelation that in these things, are lessons, pathways, understanding, doors, or keys for us to understand and move into our greater destiny and purpose - we can make progress in leaps and bounds.

When we focus on tribulation itself, we will always find the same answers. And we will always be left in the same state of mind and being. And many will not graduate from mindsets that deteriorate their hope and better understanding of the higher calling of their life. For in some cases, the tribulation is refinement for the higher calling. It is the preparation of a person for a massive mission and destiny. Moses had to spend 40 years in the desert before he could lead Israel into the Promised Land. Joseph was beaten and betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, and imprisoned. Before he became second in command under Pharaoh. Jesus was beaten, tortured, and crucified so that we would have free access to eternal life, and a life of greatness beyond ourselves. David spent 13 years running and hiding in caves, while his own countrymen pursued him for his very life. He lived among his enemies for a time. This was his training to become King of Israel.

Jesus said that if we seek we would find, if we ask it would be made known, if we would knock, it would be opened to us. The question should never be "why" a "thing" happens to us. Or anyone else. But "what" is the "thing" in a person's life there to create, in the person's understanding of what and who they were created to be? If only we could see ourselves on the other side of our trials, hurts, and tribulations...


We accepted and embraced them as launching pads, mentors, "wake up calls", revelations, instruction about who we can become. It is in the refinement process that we become realized. And it is on the other side of the refinement that we receive our greatest blessings. Job lost all he had, and afflicted up to the extent of nearly his very life. Through the experience he refused to curse God for the tribulations brought upon him. And after the trial passed, he received back double what he had before. We cannot define blessing as simply material gain. And we cannot embrace trials or tribulation for the sake of blessings. When we understand that some trials and tribulations find us for the sake of "making" us, we can value that which the tribulation creates in us. And by that process, we will understand and value the blessing we receive, by becoming the very thing that those circumstances made us. The blessing is then living the life of people who have now walked into destiny. If that manifests in material ways, that is great! But it may manifest in the joy of the work of being who we were created to be. Functioning in the purpose of our destiny. As The Bible says of Jesus, "who for the joy set before Him; Jesus endured the cross".

Such a life, and such trials are never easy. But they are the most rewarding. These are statements I never thought I would make. Or revelations I never thought I would understand. I encourage you to renew your mind in such a way, as to consider the things in your life that you cannot reconcile or understand, and ponder the ways in which they may be present, or have been present, for the very purpose of urging you to become who you were created to truly be. Then fearlessly live your life in the fullness of that identity, pursuing your destiny.

True understanding is not for the sake of understanding. True understanding is for the sake of becoming.


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